• Source of infection should be shown for use of antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics should never be used without prescription.
  • Doctor’s recommendations should be implemented on when and how to use antibiotics.
  • Drugs should be used in the appropiate route, in the correct interval with the right dose and  for a specified period of time.
  • Reminder arrangements should be done for taking the drug on time.
  • Patient should keep on taking medicine for the recommended  period of time even if he/she feels better. Otherwise, antibiotic resistance can develop.
  • Do not forget that there is no place for antibiotics in the treatment of viral respiratory track infections such as flu or cold.
  • Bed rest, isolation, consuming nutrition rich in vitamin C and adequate fluid intake may be sufficient to stop the progression and to prevent spreading of the disease.
  • If it takes more than 10 days to recover, the fever doesnt go down, and the complications develop the patient needs to visit doctor and the treatment need to go through medical supervision and treatment should be reevaluated.
  • Hygienic measures should be taken to prevent the transmission of diseases such as flu-cold. After you sneeze or cough into a tissue or handkerchief should be discarded, hands should be washed before contact with other objects and people. Distribute information, not infection!
  • The patient should notify the doctor if a he/she see no benefit from antibiotics.
  • Do not forget that the drug that cures your neighbour may harm you. Do not use others drugs.
  • Do not use remaining medicine from your previous disease unless consulting a physician.
  • Storing the drugs in unsuitable conditions outside the hospitals and pharmacies can decrease their effectiveness them, even harmful effects may occur.
  • Information on pregnancy and  lactation status, presence of chronic diseases and other drugs in use  should be provided to the physician to select the appropriate antibiotics.
  • Only prescribed antibiotics should be used, do not use unprescribed or remaining antibiotics from your previous treatment.
  • Do not insist on an antibiotic unless your doctor says you need one.

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