– Antibiotics are the drugs that kill bacteria which causes infections or stop the growth of bacteria.

– You cannot treat infections caused by viruses, flu and colds with antibiotics. Such diseases can be defeated by your own immune system.

– Antibiotics can’t reduce fever or relief pain.

– Each antibiotic cannot be used to treat every infection.

– Inadequate or excessive doses of the antibiotic can lead to antibiotic resistance as well as inappropriate duration between medicine intakes.

– Antibiotic-sensitive bacteria may die due to exposure to antibiotics but resistant bacteria can continue to grow and multiply, these resistant bacteria can cause infections in other people and spread rapidly in the community.

– Inappropriate use of antibiotics increases resistance and when there’s really a need for antibiotic, antibiotics may be ineffective due to resistance.

– Increasing antibiotic resistance threatens the effectiveness of current and future generations of antibiotics.

– Without effective antibiotics; intensive care, cancer chemotherapy, care of newborn babies or common surgical procedures such as hip or knee replacement or organ transplants are not possible.

– Antibiotics in the most commonly used drugs in our country and unfortunately most of them are being used unnecessarily or incorrectly.

– Today infectious diseases caused by resistant bacteria that threaten humanity in our country has become a serious problem across the world.

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