Antibiotics are a drug class which is used to treat bacterial infectious diseases and they are very important for human health. Meaning of the word ‘antibiotic’ is ‘against life’. These chemical agents sometimes kill the bacteria or sometimes they stop the growth of bacteria.

Antibiotics Effective Against Only One Type of Bacteria

Some antibiotics is developed to fight against only one type of bacteria. These are called ‘narrow spectrum antibiotics’. Physicians only prescribe these antibiotics when he/she knows exactly what type of bacteria causes the disease. These antibiotics are the most appropriate antibiotics since they don’t harm other useful bacteria.

Antibiotics Effective Against More Than One Type of Bacteria

Other antibiotics have broad spectrums effects. They are effective against more than one type of bacteria and that’s why they are called ‘broad-spectrum antibiotics’. When it’s unknown what type of bacteria causes the disease or when there’re more than one type of bacteria which cause the disease, physicians choose to prescribe these antibiotics. Negative side of these antibiotics is that sometimes they also kill neutral or useful bacteria too.


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