Where to start?

We should all be responsible for our future and next generations. All stakeholders who’re prescribing, selling, manufacturing, promoting antibiotics and people who are working for regulatory authority have huge responsibilities in this regard.

  • First step we should do to combat antibiotic resistance is to raise awareness and be aware of our responsibilities and spread this knowledge to others.
  • We should also avoid unnecessary antibiotic use
  • Finally we should follow the principles of rational antibiotic use

Patients should know the name of their medication, why they’re using that specific medication, when the medication will start being effective, and how long these effects will continue and they also should know how to use their medications (how many tablets a day, when should they be taken, on a full stomach or not or how many days it should be taken etc.) If the patient thinks that physician didn’t gave the necessary information, they should ask the questions they had in their mind to physician. Patients should not hesitate in this regard. Patients should also consulate with pharmacist on the topics mentioned above.

Even by following these basic principles we can stop emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance and continue to benefit from our current antibiotics.

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