As its being all over the world, irrational drug use is a crucial public health problem in our country as well. Regarding this issue; Rational Drug Use (AIK) Programme has been prepared and being implemented in order to; ensure coordination and cooperation at the activities promoting rational drug use in the direction of recommendations of WHO, make behavioral changes in rational drug use for physicians, pharmacists, allied health personnel, public and pharmaseutical industry, enhance rational drug use awareness and knowledge level at the stakeholders. In the scope of this programme, Rational Drug Use (AIK) Programme Provincial Coordinatorships were constituted in 81 provinces and studies have been commenced.
In order to consult and inform about the activities that are and will be implemented by our İstanbul foundation and RDU Provincal Coordinatorships “Rational Drug Use Provincial Coordinatorship Evaluating Meeting” was organised on 7-9 May 2018 in Istanbul with the participation of provincial coordinatorships employees.
In the session, training of “Prescription Information System With Applications” was provided for Rational Drug Use Provincial Coordinators and these presentations were presented: “Rational Drug Use Activities And Drug Usage With Data” by our Head of Department Ph. Mesil AKSOY, “Rational Antibiotic Studies” by Prof.Dr. Serhat ÜNAL, “Drug Usage At Aged” by Prof.Dr. Mustafa CANKURTARAN, “Rational Biological And Biotechnological Drug Use” by Prof.Dr Ahmet Akıcı,” AIK Activities in 81 provinces ”by AIK Provencial Coordinators and Representatives.
Additionally, “ Turkey At Clinical Researches “ presentation was presented by Dr.Ph. E. İnci SOMUNCUOĞLU, the Supervisor of Conformity Evaluation Unit of Clinical Researches Department, and “Tradional Herbal Medicinals” presentation was presented by Dr.Ph. Aslı CAN AĞCA, the Head of Herbal and Supplementative Products Department.
The meeting was ended with “Our New Plans and To Do List” presentation by our Head of Departmant Ph. Mesil AKSOY.

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