Rational drug use and antibiotic resistance are important health problems that our country faces as well as the whole world. In this context, the “Rational Drug Use (AIK) National Action Plan 2014-2017” has been prepared and put into effect in line with the recommendations of World Health Organization (WHO) in order to change the behavior of rational drug use in health care workers and our people in our country. Under this plan, the rational use of antibiotics has been identified as the priority area of activity and the focus has been given to the work in this area.

The Worldwide Antibiotic Awareness Week was set to take place on November 18th, with the aim of creating universal awareness of antibiotic resistance by WHO and encouraging good practice among the public, health care workers and policymakers. The aim of this week is to actively take place in our country on November 18, 2017, in Istanbul “4. Rational Antibiotic Use and Awareness Symposium “. This symposium was attended by 700 people, including those working in the Province Coordinatorships, 81 physicians, pharmacists and other health workers. With this symposium, it is aimed to raise awareness in this society both in the society through the media as well as the health workers participating in the meeting.

Symposium President of the Institution Sayın Hakkı GÜRSÖZ and Sayın Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Eyüp started with the opening speeches of GÜMÜŞ. Also, President of the World Health Organization office in Turkey Pavel URS also been found in other countries in the opening speech in evaluations related to Turkey’s position in antibiotic consumption. In this symposium, studies on this issue in our country have given some information on antibiotic consumption and resistance, some special topics on antibiotic use, antimicrobial resistance slowing, immunization and hygiene prevention and related data.


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