Within the scope of the “Rational Drug Use (RDA) National Action Plan 2014-2017”, the Provincial Health Directorate, the Provincial Public Health Directorate and the Public Hospitals were established under the coordination of 81 provincial Health Directorate Assistants in order to establish an effective structure and coordinate and cooperate with our central organization Establishment of “Rational Drug Use Provincial Coordinator (AIC-İK)” with at least 4 members, including representatives from the General Secretariat of the Union, was completed in 2014. The 8th Evaluation Meetings of Rational Drug Use Provincial Coordinatorships, which were held twice a year since June 2014 with the participation of 81 AIC Provincial Coordinators, were held in Istanbul between 16-17 November 2017.

In the studies carried out by our 81 Provincial Coordinators, 81 Provincial Coordinators were divided into regions and the Regional Coordinator was appointed from each of our employees for each region. The meeting has made presentations on the activities of the AICs in each province in the two provinces where they have conducted different studies in each region during the last 6 months.

After these presentations, ideas were exchanged about how the structuring of the AIK Provincial Coordinatorships should be done within the new Ministry of Health Organization.

In addition, Cengiz Yiğit, Head of Department of Negligent Incident Reporting of Medical Devices of our Kurmumuz Medical Devices, presented the “Negative Event Report of Medical Devices”, Information Systems Department İTS Unit Responsible Pharmacy. Hasan Coşkun presented the “Drug Tracking System” and the Head of Economic Evaluation and Drug Procurement Management Department. Dr. Banu BAYAR presented “Drug Supply Management” presentation.

After these presentations, the Head of Department Ecz. Mesil AKSOY has ended with the session “Evaluation: Our Expectations, Our Plans, We Will Take Home”. In this session, the studies planned to be carried out until the next evaluation meeting are discussed with the contributions of our Provincial Coordinators and the roadmap is drawn so that the AİK targets can be reached in the whole country.

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